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About By Designory

By Designory is a web and a graphic design studio based in Mumbai, now all set to launch in Dubai, Hyderabad and Guwahati.

We help Entrepreneurs and Businesses owners launch and manage their businesses online.

The sure-fire way to success is to perform to one’s full potential. In a rapidly evolving digital space coupled with the ongoing Covid Crisis, the most crucial aspects of your business today are a professional website, clear branding and a robust social media strategy. However, to communicate a brand and design, develop and launch a website for a small business can get cumbersome. That’s why we build stunning websites combining our expertise in Design, performance and SEO to communicate your vision to the world.

By Designory

By Designory was founded by Naif Ali, a senior developer and Alisha Kaisar, a designer in 2019.  However, they first chanced upon the design in 2011 when they designed and built a two-storied house from scratch. The purpose of design became clear, i.e to solve problems.

While Alisha has a diploma in Interior and Graphic Design, Naif has almost 20 years of experience in running multiple successful business ventures.

In 2015, while building a simple website for a project, they discovered their love and passion for design and coding. The website was nominated for an award and attracted a lot of enquiries. 

When taking on their first project they were petrified as with any other business but with dedication, knowledge and creativity, they continued freelancing till 2017. Work and studying continued together.

In 2017, Built By Naif happened seeing the success of which By Designory was formed in 2019. The brand today has 8 members and have successfully launched and re-launched hundreds of brands. Without taking a single break for over two years, By Designory was able to double its profits during the pandemic.  We, at By Designory are most proud and grateful for the fact that with the profits we made we give out safety kits and most importantly pay every team member their full salary without having to sack any of them because of the corona crisis. 

By Designory today has international clients and are prepping up for opening new branches in Dubai, Hyderabad and Guwahati. 

Is it easy to run a business? No. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Sure, there are several challenges: clients’ lack of information, delays, feedback from the client’s grandma and her friends and lack of understanding the role and responsibilities but at the end of it all we know the struggles of business owners and are here to help you solve the problem so you can focus on what you value the most, your business.

Meet our Team
Naif Ali

Naif Ali

Owner + Senior Developer

I am a full stack web developer, WordPress Developer, designer and an expert in SEO and web security. With almost 20 years of experience in running multiple business ventures, I have learnt that a great product or a service seldom sells itself. Too many businesses do not reach their full potential because of the lack of exposure to the target audience. This is where I come in. I will help you launch your website, support you communicate your personal or brand story while keeping you secure and on time.

Our Values at By Designory


We believe in building connections and relationships


Honesty, Mutual Respect, Quality and Integrity are our core values


We work on each project as a team and as such expect brands to work as a team too


We are driven by passion and are as inclusive and diverse as our clients


We have the courage to do things differently and are open to new challenges


We are firm believers in minimalism and staunch supporters of eco-friendly living


We want our space to be always clear of egos and toxicity


We believe in drawing healthy boundaries and practising mindfulness